Since 1997, we strengthened the Primary Attention in Health, with the COMMUNITY Program of HEALTH. Our general objective is to improve the quality of life of the population of San Pedro by giving services of assistance, prevention and readjustment in our center of health. Moreover, we wish to make become aware with the population of the causes which are at the origin of the problems of health and seek bearable solutions. Finally we wish to strengthen the basic organizations with educational actions to qualify.

For this task, we have infrastructure and the necessary equipment to the support and the contribution of the Community work granted by the Popular Persons in charge for Health. Those which have training in prevention and a qualification in health multiply this task in the places where they live. District 7 counts on 22 sectors and 6 local sets, in each sector are two Popular Person in charge for Health.

We offer assistance in reproductive Health by supporting the women with services such as: