Our country and particularly Potosí because of its bad infrastructures, its education service and other factors, suffer more of the climatologically phenomena, like snow, the dryness, the rain and other, that other parts of the world.

As we work with vulnerable populations to these phenomena, we developed emergency programs. These programs developed with the support of the international cooperation, by organizations like Oxfam-Quebec and "Dévelopement et Paix".

Our first intervention was the humanitarian aid for the effects of the phenomenon "El niño" in the departments of Potosí and Chuquisaca.

Another intervention was the project "Assistance to the victims of Nevada in the western south of Potosí". This intervention made it possible to help the communities of the Southern province Lípez: San Antonio Esmoruco, Rewashes, San Pablo de Lipez, Mojinete and of the Quijarro province: Atocha and Uyuni.

With these interventions we lay out a force moreover to help at the time of natural disasters.