The Health area of CENPOSEP is born like answer to the need of the population, at moments when a majority of the population was located in the suburban areas and did not have service of basic health. With a vision of integral health defining that the health is a right and like so, it should not be sold. We implemented in our services the international strategy of "HEALTH FOR ALL IN YEAR 2000" declaration of “Alma Ata”.

The base of our action is the Primary Attention in Health "APS" where we give the priority to the alone mother, to the child and the worker. We also try to clean the base of the population by actions of prevention like education, formation and domiciliary visits. We try to create a structure of Organizations which leaves the POPULAR BASE and which goes up to the VARIOUS hierarchical LEVELS.

We wish to concretize our dreams to have not only one cabinet of doctor, but also a hospital with specialized services. In basic cleaning, we wish to have of drinking water, sewers and especially to make disappear all the waste spared by the installation from pipe connecting all the houses of the sector to the sewers.

From 1986 to 1996 we were responsible for the health of the district 7 – San Pedro, coordinating our work with nongovernmental and governmental organizations. We obtained with the participation of Community groups like the Popular Persons in charge for Health, the vaccination of the children of less 6 years. Moreover, we intend to decrease the indices of mortality by “EDAS: Acute Diarrhea diseases”, “IDAS: Respiratory infections” with the means of the prevention and the assistance. One of the achievements important is the fall of the indices of skin diseases like the "SARNA".

Since 1997, after a participative research task on the socio-economic conditions of the population of district 7 - San Pedro and the synthesis of our experiments in our three branches of industry (health, education and production), we can analyze the effects and the impacts of our work until today. What enabled us to define the priority needs for our customers: in health we give the priority to the woman on her sexual and reproductive health. We support this priority by the strengthening and implementation of the center of maternity/gynecologic the APS (Primary Attention in Health), in more of developing actions in Community Health methodologically.

Our health services are currently used by the population. From the medical departments, to the infirmary services, to the dental services, to the laboratory, to the childbirth and monitoring of new born. More then the preventive actions in sexual and reproductive health and the implementation of technologies like SODIS in the purification of water.