KUERO que cuero
LEATHER that leather

Unidad Productiva : "Artesanías en cuero y pieles"
Productive Unit : "Leather Crafts and skins"

Presentation's pamphlet (.pdf in Spanish)

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This unit began its activities in management 2002-2003, with the financing of the Cardinal Leger foundation, Canada. It was created after a market research. Managed by CENPOSEP, its principal activity is the "Development of articles of leather and leather working". At the time of the development of the project, there was consensus between the population and the direction of CENPOSEP for the division of the basic and directions tasks.

This unit has three pillars: the technical qualification, administrative and countable management and marketing.


To be a generating company and a sources of work. Based on the qualifications and the creativity of our members and and using the resources of the Department. With an employers' vision.


To elaborate articles and leather objects of quality which correspond to the needs of our customers and which are competitive on the market.


We currently offer waistcoats, vests, caps and skirts made of lama cow and ewe leather. We also sell large bags, wallets, handbags, portfolios, knapsacks, briefcases for doctors and nurses, also typical memories in miniature (like door-keys).


First phase:

Second phase:

Third phase: