The population of district 7 was structured from its own uses and customs. However, we consider that the political changes, like new laws, brought to the country contributed and interfered in the organization of the Community, which in a great percentage tries to maintain its natural organization. To this the task of CENPOSEP was to support the structures already organize places from there while analyzing and while defining the best manners of helping the population.

Since the beginning of our work, we supported the Community organizations much, as the corporation of the Popular Persons in charge for Health they are chiefs in their branches of industry. CENPOSEP fascinating share on the various levels of decisions, allowed the formation of a Community direction, direction which we reproduced in our internal committees.

It current composition is of 22 sectors with two R.P.S, 6 sets local with directors in each one. We give the priority to the women in the direction of the sectors. These levels are our base of action and coordination.