The Popular Center of Health, Education and Production "CENPOSEP" is a nongovernmental, private, non-profit-making organization. It functions under the name of the Legal Person Nº 208763. Founded on February 3 1986, it is counting for its financing on the foreign donations and income generated by its health service and its productive centers.


CENPOSEP is an organization who contributes at the construction of a right and equitable society with goals and objectives to short, medium and long term. It creates bonds between the urban and rural sectors. This way, CENPOSEP develops its activities, with the conscience to have contributed to the integral development of district 7 - San Pedro, of the municipality of Potosí.


The CENPOSEP mission is to search for alternatives of development in the economic, socials and policies sectors of district 7 and therefore the Department and the country. Base of groups organized between men and women who promote changes towards a social and equitable justice.


To help to the population of District 7 San Pedro, in various activities on the basis of programs in health, education and production. These programs allow the analysis of the regional problems and main road by seeking strategies and immediate solution and diverted the economic, cultural and political problems. Projecting a structural change of the society in which we lived, with fairness and social justice.