In agreement with the constitution of the organization, we have a structure that guarantees a participative democracy with the popular sectors. Those take part in the planning processes, in the execution, the follow-up, the evaluation and the decision-making in all the actions take ahead.

The highest decision authority of is the CONGRESS. All the members of the CONGRESS are from the intern committees and in the technical team. Those have at least a year of seniority in the organization.

The second authority of decision is the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Assembled is usually carried out each two months and also when a special event occurs.

The authority which carries the tasks enacted by the CONGRESS and the ASSEMBLY is the DIRECTOR (here it’s not a person) made up of the representatives of the internal and selected committees in the CONGRESS.

The executive level is represented by the DIRECTION. This one is responsible for technical, administrative and economic management with a technical team in each discipline.